This is a common question we hear when talking about private jet. The flight cost depends on several factors which we will discuss  in this article.

Firstly, it is important to distinguish the difference between chartering a private jet and buying a private jet. If you reserve a private jet for a trip, you will only pay for the aircraft rental and its associated services. If you own a private jet, you will have to carefully consider the direct and indirect costs such as fuel, long term parking, maintenance, and non-use costs

It is estimated that the purchase of a private jet is worth considering if you travel more than 250 hours/year.

The rental price of private jet

With Artheau Aviation, a private jet rental price varies according to your needs and the associated services.

1 / Private jet type and the route

Turboprop and light jets are the cheapest planes to rent as they are the smallest and can make short destinations. However, with a complete and luxurious range of long-haul jets and Boeing Business or Airbus Corporate Jets (BBJ / ACJ), the rental prices will be higher.

The route also has a direct impact on the price. As you can imagine, the longer the distance to be covered, the higher the price will be.

Airport taxes can also influence the charter price. Depending on departure and destination, some airports offer VIP lounges, a shuttle service and hangar parking … All of these will impact the rental price.

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2 / Passengers number and luggage

This is an important element which constitutes the final rental price. Depending on the number of passengers and amount and dimensions of luggage, we will offer you an aircraft size to suit your needs.

Fuel consumption is directly related to the number of passengers: the more passengers and baggage we have, the more fuel the plane will consume.

3 / Private jet availability

A basic principle of our economy, if the demand for private jets is strong, the supply will increase.

The summer period and the end-of-year celebrations are the busiest periods in business aviation. Aircraft availability is therefore scarce, and prices increase, leaving the most expensive aircraft on the market.

In order to control your costs, we advise you to plan your flights in advance as not to be penalized by higher prices and less aircrafts to choose from.

4 / On board Services

Because each flight is unique with a private jet, we offer you additional services.

Depending on the moment of the day, the aircraft type and your request, we can customize the service on board.  You can enjoy a continental breakfast and fresh juices on an early morning flight or an end of the day aperitif consisting of petits-fours and champagne. We can even offer you on demand menus with hot or cold gourmet dishes as well as a wide choice of spirits, champagnes and wines.


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Our quotation from  Paris-le-Bourget 

The displayed prices are only estimations.

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Paris, Le Bourget> London, Biggin Hill:

This is one of the most popular flights in Europe. For this, we advise you a Citation Mustang, an very light and economical aircraft which is perfectly suited for air travel over short distances.

The price: 6,000 € for a one-way flight

Paris, Le Bourget> Courchevel :

Do you want to enjoy the mountains? To get to your destination we suggest you a Vulcanair Aviator TP600. This is the top of the line from the manufacturer Vulcanair, it is one of the most efficient in its range. Its short landing and take-off performance make the AVIATOR TP 600 suitable for hard-to-reach destinations.

The price: € 7,000 for a one-way flight.

Paris, Le Bourget> Moscow, Vnukovo:

Do you want to go to Moscow? Considered the Third Rome, this city is absolutely worth to visit. For this we recommend a Hawker 800XP, a perfectly adapted jet with folding armchairs, a sofa and a lounge area with mini-bar. You have an easily accessible corner to access your luggage in flight.

The price: € 35,000 for a one-way flight

Paris, Le Bourget > New York, Teterboro:

Crunching on the Big Apple whets your appetite? Climb aboard our Gulfstream G-450 which combines performance and luxury. With its elegant cabin made up of sofas, a lounge area with tables, this Gulfstream can carry up to 14 passengers. Its technical performances give it the ability to fly over major air corridors to avoid turbulence and go faster than a jumbo jet.

The price: 70,000 € for a one-way flight

Paris, Le Bourget > Tokyo Intl :

To reach the land of the rising sun, we suggest you fly with a Bombardier Global Express XRS. This long-haul private jet is one of the most efficient in its category, it is capable of flying 14 hours non-stop over 900 km / h. With its large cabin, comfortable armchairs and bunks, let yourself be transported to your destination as if you were at home.

The price: 150,000 € for a one-way flight

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